We Should Talk about This Problem         


There is a Beautiful Creature

Living in a hole you have dug.

So at night

I set fruit and grains

And little pots of wine and milk

Beside your soft earthen mounds,

And I often sing.  

But still, my dear,

You do not come out.

I have fallen in love with Someone

Who hides inside you.

We should talk about this problem-


I will never leave you alone.

Hafiz, Rendered by Daniel Ladinsky

No matter who you are. No matter where you are.
Someone is looking for you. Perhaps you just don't
recognize who.
The emptiness can't be filled with material things.
The emptiness can only be filled by your love.
Don't say "I have no one to love", start with yourself
and end with the universe.  SF

The Stairway of Existence

Are not
In pursuit of formalities
Or fake religious

For through the stairway of existence
We have come to God's

We are
People who need to love, because
Love is the soul's life,

Love is simply creation's greatest joy.

The stairway of existence,
O, through the stairway of existence, Hafiz,

You now come,
Have we all now come to
The Beloved's