Who are we?

We are human "beings" in search of happiness.
We recognize that our happiness is linked to all our sisters and brothers.
We are not a race, other than human.
We are not our gender.
We are not a religion, but we believe.
We are not a country, political party or group other than human being.
These other things may describe our location or make-up by necessity, but if we allow them to cause us to forget our membership to the club of humankind then we have to reassess their value.
The Human Club is an affirmation of my love for humanity and life itself. 
If we can understand that nothing separates us except the walls that we build,
it is possible for humankind to tear down those walls, and realize our full potential.
Idealistic? yes.
Unrealistic? I hope not, for humanity's sake.


Steve the peace person



2003 Human Club